Plow New Ground

My name is Ed Mathews. I have been a minister, a missionary, and a university professor. The material below is the fruit of six decades of living in His word. Read it–if you wish to stretch your faith. Ponder it–if you want to invigorate your trust in God. Expect to be challenged. Anticipate change. Prepare to grow.

!! NEW POST !! – A Study of the Motivations, Rationalizations, and Strategies for War in the Inspired Word

War in the Bible

Laughter: A Study of Laughter in the Bible


Plow New Ground: A Year of Daily Devotional Studies

Plow New Ground

Psalm 119: Commitment to the Word of God

Psalm 119

King of kings and Lord of lords: A Study of Divine Sovereignty

King of kings

The Guidance of God: The Leading of the Lord

Guidance of God

Bible Doctrines: Major Teachings of the Scripture

Bible Doctrines

Prayer: Conversations with God


Heaven: A place prepared for prepared people


Church Bulletin: Articles

Volume I

Volume II

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